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Aggression and Reactivity Behavior Modification

Aggression and Reactivity are my favorite cases to work on. If you are experiencing these behaviors in your furry family member it can be extremely upsetting. We can work together in your home to modify these behaviors and get to the root of the issue. Private, in home training prices for behavior modification are as follows. I provide special pricing to dogs who have been adopted from rescue. If your dog is a rescue alumni please contact me! One additional dog in a six week package or a year long package is $200 more. After that, any more dogs are $100 more.


One hour session Biweekly for six weeks: $450

One hour session biweekly as needed with 6 months as needed follow ups: $950

NOTE: If purchasing year long one additional dog is $200 more, and every dog following is $100 more

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